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Christmas Greetings Around the World: How to say in different languages

Christmas season is upon us and what better way to prepare for it than to learn how to say "Merry Christmas" in different languages. Greet your friends the way the Austrian say 'Merry Christmas', the way they greet in Bolivia, the way the French say their greetings. How do you say 'Merry Christmas' in another language Check below for the updated list of popular Christmas Greetings around the world. Through these greetings, you'll glimpse a bit of Christmas tradition from these countries. A Andorra Read more here [...]

MONITO MONITA The Philippines’ version of Kris Kringle

Monito Monita Kris Kringle Philippines Gift Giving

Christmas is one of the most favored holidays in the Philippines. Christmas songs and decors would be prominent once the “ber” months kick in which signifies that Christmas is indeed just around the corner.  Starting September you can see their malls deck with holiday decors and Christmas carols hits the airwaves and this will last until the Feast of The Three Kings in January! My, my! That’s a long holiday to be merry and that our friends is something that we love here in World Christmas Read more here […]

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Popular Christmas Practices in Asian countries

happy holidays 2014

Christmas is considered as one of the most popular Christian holidays that is widely celebrated in many countries all over the world. Christmas is an exciting and fun holiday with all the traditions and practices that come along with the date. These traditions and practices often vary depending on the country but one thing is consistent and that is the upholding of the traditions to make Christmas more meaningful. China China only has 1 percent Christians in its entire population but Christmas Read more here […]

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Popular Christmas Customs in Eastern European Countries

Christmas tree

The Christmas Traditions in Europe are greatly influenced by ancient beliefs and practices which makes some of their customs very unique. The traditions of the Europeans for celebrating Christmas is inspired by superstitions and even prophecies which of course stems from ancient customs. Christmas is also regarded as the Feast Day of Saint Nicholas and is a very important holiday in most Euopean countries. The traditional customs include caroling and enjoying the 12 dishes during the Christmas Eve Read more here […]

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Popular Filipino Christmas Traditions – Pasko Sa Pilipinas!

Paskong Pinoy Christmas Traditions

The Philippines is considered as the only country in Asia which has a predominant Christian population which makes Christmas as one of the most favorite holidays of the year. Filipinos are known to celebrate Christmas as soon as the “ber” months begin. The moment September kicks in, you’d expect to hear Christmas songs being played on the radio and Filipinos would start putting up their Christmas decors at home. Some OFW families spread across the world also celebrate this way so they don’t Read more here […]

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Christmas Traditions in Costa Rica in Central America

Want to know how the Costa Ricans celebrate their Christmas, then better read this: In 1601, the governor of this nation in Central America  declared Christmas as a national holiday to the delight of their citizens. Like other countries in the world, Costa Rica has their own unique Christmas traditions. The Costa Ricans or the “Ticos” start decorating their homes for Christmas as early as November, that’s about a month before Christmas Day!!! The child Jesus is the center of the Christmas Read more here […]

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Why is Christmas Celebrated on December 25?

The exact date of Jesus’s birth is not stated in the Bible, so, how come that the world always celebrates Christmas on December 25? A lot of theories came up why Christmas is being celebrated on December 25.  One theory is based on the Christian tradition of The Annunciation; the day Mary was given the message that she will conceive a very special baby that is Jesus. This took place on March 25, so, counting nine months from this date, it was assumed that Jesus was born on December 25. Another Read more here […]

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