5 BIG CHRISTMAS SURPRISES Kids Giving Back to Parents

Watch these kids pull amazing Christmas surprises for their parents.


Christmas can bring the most beautiful of surprises and these moms and dads were in for an amazing, heartwarming treat.

Usually its kids who can’t wait for Christmas, to open gifts, and see what surprises awaits them. But in our story sharing today, it is the parents who receives the most wonderful presents from their kids.


10 years have passed since Natasha Winter was last home, circumstances and things prevented her from visiting her family, her hometown.  But that all changed last Christmas 2016.

Her ticket was purchased months in advance, the whole family was in on the surprise except Mom.

Watch mom’s reaction as she finally opened the big Christmas box gift from her children.


It has been a lifelong dream of this mom to visit and explore Ireland. Finally, last year December, her daughter moved mountains to make her parents, especially her mom’s dream come true.

‘How long have you been dreaming of this?

Mom answers Forever.”

Awww… we share your astonishment mom!



Dad was given a scrapbook of pictures of the family, taken from when he entered their life. And there’s a surprise waiting as the dad leaf through the book of pictures and memories.

Overwhelmed with emotions and in between sobs, the daughter was asking his dad to official adopt her; she expresses her heart by saying ”I want to say I Love You..I am thankful to have you in my life for the past 7 years…”

The elder sister also hands-in her adoption paper for the dad to sign.

“You are a dad to us and we want it to be official.”

4. Giving Back to Mom and Dad

This is one Christmas eve that the Kawasaki family will remember for a long, long time to come.

Kris Kawasaki’s Christmas big surprise for his mom and dad happened last year, on Christmas eve.

“I’ve been planning this out for like a whole year, maybe even more…” he said on his vlog.

He placed his gift to his parents under the Christmas tree, along with all other gifts that the family prepared for each other. The parents thought they were getting an ipad, until they open the box and saw the wads of cash inside.

House mortgage paid, a gift from the son.

5. A Soldier Comes Home For Christmas

It’s Christmas and a soldier surprises his sister and mom by showing up at their home. Scream, close to wailing, can be heard from the mom who so misses his son. Embraced in the the tightest of hug, not wanting to let go.

It took awhile before mom can find her voice and when she did, she berated him, in a loving way of course haha. Mom expected him on the 20th at 10 in the morning, and not days early. Still brimming with intense emotion, mom hugs her son and cries some more. Awwww….

We may not be able to give our parents with something as grand as the Christmas surprises and gifts that these kids gave to their parents, but in our own way, let our parents feel how much we love them, each and every day.

To all parents out there, you just don’t know, there might be a big surprise waiting for you from your kids this Christmas season!

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