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Top 10 Popular Pinoy Christmas Carols

Filipinos are very musical people and it is even more evident with the abundance of pinoy christmas carols thats starts airing in the radios as early as September. Malls would start decorating their stores with christmas decorations and starts putting up giant christmas trees to the delights of small children. The following are Paskong Pinoy Top 10 Filipino Christmas Carols:

Welcome to Paskong Pinoy!

Paskong Pinoy Christmas Traditions in the Philippines
Philippine Christmas or 'Paskong Pinoy' is really different from how other countries in the world celebrate this joyous season. Filipino or Pinoys simple love pasko or christmas that we hold the unofficial world record of 'the longest christmas celebration' that starts when the "...ber" months kick-in and ends with the celebration of the Epiphany of the Three Kings. In short the Filipino christmas celebration starts on September 1 and ends (hold your seats!)  12 days after christmas, that's already January of the new year!
If you are foreigner you might find it hard to believe but

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