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Greek Christmas Traditions

Christmas in Greece brings in the time to bake Melomakarona cookies also known as Christmas Cookies. It is a traditional Greek recipe that mixes...

German Christmas Traditions

Germany has lots of Christmas Traditions. In order to greet Germans a Merry Christmas you just have to say Fröhliche Weihnachten! Christmas traditions in...

Christmas Traditions in Norway

Norway is a county in Europe and is rich in traditional Christmas traditions and customs. One of the Norway’s very own Christmas traditions is...

Christmas Traditions and Customs in Poland

World Christmas Traditions now brings you to Poland. The Polish people celebrate the Christmas season in the most fascinating way. Polish Christmas starts early...

Candy Canes: A Sweet Christmas Tradition Around the World

 Candy canes are cane shaped candies with white and red stripes and flavored with peppermint and cinnamon. Other varieties contain other colors and flavors. Candy canes are made in different sizes and thickness. It is available whole year round but demand increases during the Christmas season.

Origin of the Christmas Candy Cane

It was said that the first Christmas candy cane was made for a choirmaster in Cologne Cathedral in Germanyin 1670. The candies are bent to look like canes and were given


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