Celebrating Christmas in China


You may be wondering if China also celebrates the joyous season of Christmas? The quick answer to that is yes they do even though Christians composed only about one percent of China’s population.

Most Chinese  are not aware of the religious aspect of Christmas even those who makes the Christmas decors being exported worldwide but this does not prevent them from sharing with us this special celebration.

In Chinese “Sheng Dan Kuai Le” means Merry Christmas. A Christmas tree in China is also called “Tree of light”. These trees are usually made of plastic and decorated with flowers, chains and lanterns made up of multicolored papers.

Christmas is not an official holiday in this country, yet all Western Christmas trappings can be seen in China. As early as the last week of November, a festive Christmas display are put up in department stores and big businesses delighting passerbys and shoppers with their colorful Christmas trees, twinkling lights and Christmas carols playing in the background.

Christmas shopping weeks before Christmas are also becoming a popular tradition prompting malls to outdo each other when it comes to their holiday window display to attract more shoppers. Many shopping malls welcome the Christmas season with a ceremonial lighting of their Christmas trees. To complete the holiday atmosphere, some store staff don on red Santa hats, you might even see a Santa Claus!

A unique Chinese Christmas tradition nowadays is giving an apple on Christmas Eve, it is no wonder then that many stores and supermarkets sells apples wrapped in colorful papers to boost their holiday sales.

And just like in western countries, many Chinese are celebrating Christmas by having dinner with friends and family on Christmas Eve. The practice of exchanging gifts with love ones has also made its way to China.

For the Roman Catholics and Christians in China they attend Christmas services and Midnight Mass in churches and house of worship in their communities.

 China may not be a Catholic country but they share in the the festivities of Christmas!

 Sheng Dan Kuai Le! Merry Christmas!


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