Christmas Fruit Cakes: A Fruity and Nutty Christmas Tradition


Christmas is not complete without Fruit Cakes. Fruit cakes are a Christmas Dinner staple just like ham, cheese, eggnog and candy canes. And for Christmas, no ordinary Fruit Cake should do, it must be a special Christmas Fruit.

Every family has its own special Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe. Other prefers lots of nuts, while other might prefer one filled with candied and glazed fruits. It is also good to add spices like cinnamon in your Christmas fruit cakes. One of the most open secrets among all Christmas fruit cake recipes is Brandy. Brandy gives the fruit cake a certain aroma and taste. It gives warmth and a pleasing scent, perfect for the holidays.

The Brandy in the Christmas Fruit cake also serves another purpose, longer shelf live. Ordinary breads have a shelf life of only a few days, but fruit cakes soaked in brandy or rum can have a shelf life of a couple of years. A fruit cake with brandy on it can stay edible for months, or even years.  It is said the best time to bake Christmas Fruit cakes is the month of September, a few months before Christmas, and enough time for the Fruit cake to mature in flavor.

Some stories tell that fruit cakes can stay in good condition for a couple of year. Just like wine, it is said that fruit cakes is better when aged. But one of the weirdest Christmas Fruit Cakes stories is one involving Jay Leno. Leno in his Late Night Show took a camera crew and went to a family inTecumseh,Michigan, whose family heirloom is a Fruit Cake that was made in 1878. Leno even grabbed a bite on the very old fruit cake. The recipe for the century old fruit cake is not been told.


History of the Fruit Cake

The Romans are said to be the first to invent the first Fruit Cake Recipe. Their fruit cake recipe consists of pomegranate seeds, pine nuts and raisins.

During the middle ages, honey, spices and glazed fruits are added to the fruit cake recipe.


Fruit Cakes Recipes Around the World


During Christmas, families around the world share fruit cakes during their Christmas dinner. Fruit cakes are also serves as great Christmas presents to friends and neighbors.

  • In theBahamasrum is used instead of brandy.
  • In Canada, the fruit cake is called the Christmas Cake.
  • The traditional Christmas fruit cake in Germanyis called Stollen. Dresdner Stollen is a much sought after fruit cake during the Christmas season.
  • In Switzerland, their fluffy fruit cake rich in fruits and nuts is called Birnenbrot
  • .In theUK, the traditional fruit cake is a round cake covered by marzipan.
  • In the United States, mail to order fruit cakes are always high on demand especially during the month of December

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