Christmas Traditions and Customs in America


World Christmas Traditions welcomes you to America. American Christmas traditions are one of the most colorful in the world. It has been influenced by millions of immigrants for generations such as Mexican, Spanish, Dutch, German and Filipino Christmas traditions and customs.

Santa Claus was introduced in America by the Dutch in 1860. The jolly old man with red clothes and white beard was inspired by St. Nicolas or Sintaklaas  in Dutch. Santa Claus became popular when Washington Irving wrote about a novel about Santa Claus. In his novel, Santa rode a flying wagon and gives gifts to children every Christmas day.

Every Christmas, a huge Christmas tree is placed in Washington D.C. and is highlighted by thousands of Christmas lights that is supposed to be lighted by the President himself.

In Boston, it is common to find carolers singing in the streets in the tune of classic and modern Christmas carols.

In Arizona, a Mexican Christmas tradition is still observed. It is called the Las Posadas, the journey of Mary and Joseph in looking for a place to stay for the night.

In Hawaii, there is a ship that they call Christmas Tree Ship. The Christmas Tree Ship is manned by Santa Claus and is filled with gifts to be given to children.

Some Santa Claus surfers are also sighted in California riding a surf board.

The classic American Christmas dinner is Roast Turkey. It is also a diiner served with lots of pie and desserts.

A must for every home is the Christmas tree. Most Home are decorated by actual fir trees, while some have plastic trees with lots of ornaments and Christmas lights.

Polish-Americans places hay under their table clothes during Christmas, to remind them of the manger where Jesus was born. They also set two vacant seats and plates just in case Mary and Joseph knock on their doors.

In Philadelphia, a famous parade called Mummers Parade, runs in the streets with lots of people wearing colorful outfits and singing Christmas carols.


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