Christmas Traditions in Argentina


Christmas Traditions in Argentina are mainly influenced by other Christmas traditions from the United States and Europe, particularly Spain. Just like in most countries, Christmas day is held inArgentina as a special religious event and is spent at home with the rest of the family and close friends.

Many of Argentina’s Christmas traditions came from American and European influences like putting up a Christmas Tree and placing Christmas Stockings during Christmas Eve. Argentinians are so influenced by American and Europeans that they even put some cotton balls on their Christmas trees just to make it look like a tree with snow. Christmas gifts for kids are placed on the base of the tree while a star or a figure of Father Christmas is placed at the top of the Christmas tree.

Just like in other countries with Spanish influences, the Manger plays an important role in Argentina’s Christmas celebrations. Many of their mangers are decorated by colorful candles or electric Christmas lights.

Christmas Eve is also a special day in Argentina. Many families come together or invite friends and neighbors to share the special Christmas Eve Dinner. Traditional Christmas dishes from Argentina include pork and turkey dishes as well as traditional pies and pudding.Champagne and beer are favorite drinks during the holidays.  At midnight, children will be treated with fireworks display and after that are allowed to open their Christmas presents and gifts.

Unlike in theUSand Europe, the Christmas season in Argentina is relatively warm. Many household offers ice cold beverages to their guests during Christmas. Roast pig is the center of the meal during Christmas day.

The people  fArgentina are very religious. They celebrate the Christmas Season starting from the Advent until the Baptism of Jesus.

During New Year, people flock rivers, streams and beaches to cool down and celebrate the coming of the New Year.


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