Christmas Traditions in Canada


Christmas Traditions in Canada are no different than those Christmas Traditions favored by the people of the United States, Europe and the rest of the world. Many of the favorite Christmas Traditions in Canada are based on the old ways brought to the country by various immigrants and over the past years, observed through the media like television and the internet.

For the French Canadians, the center of the Christmas celebration is the Midnight Mass on Christmas day. The Mass is usually highlighted by the Nativity scene. After the mass, the family would go home to a fabulous Christmas feast. Gift giving in Canada is usually done on New Year’s Eve.

For the English Canadians, the Christmas dinner is usually served with roast beef, roast goose and some pudding. They also like to decorate their homes with Christmas trees and kissing balls.

For the German Canadians, they still hold the Christmas tradition of the Tannenbaum. It is usually the center piece of every Christmas celebrations inside their homes. Children are also told about the tale of Christkindl, a messenger form the Child Jesus. Mothers also bake Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses and other German favorite pastries.

Even those Canadians with Indian heritage celebrate Christmas. Many of their Christmas traditions are based on their old winter traditions back in India. The favorite Christmas tradition for them is the gift giving tradition. Children also visit the house of their relatives and friends during Christmas Day.

Ukrainian immigrants celebrate the Christmas season by cleaning their houses, bodies and soul as part of their traditions to honor the feast day of Saint Philip.

The religious of the Eastern Orthodox conducts fasting until the Christmas Eve. After that, they would celebrate Christmas with a grand Holy Supper served with 12 dishes. The 12 dishes represents the 12 lunar cycles for the year and the 12 disciples of Christ. No meat, milk and other animal products are served on the meal.

For the rest of Canada, Christmas is celebrated by joy and a lot of happiness. Shopping malls are decorated with Christmas lights, colorful garlands, Christmas trees and the street are filled with Christmas carolers.

Since it is winter children love to play outdoors and make snowmen and do snow ball fight.

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