Christmas Traditions in France


How do you say “ Merry Christmas” in French?  French people greet each other by saying “Joyeux Noel”. Just like most countries around the world,Francehas its own unique Christmas Traditions.

For one, the Christmas tree is not very popular there; instead they have the crèche. The Creche is a popular Christmas decoration in where it depicts the Nativity Story. Small clay figures or Santons are made to look like the characters of the story such as the infant Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the three Wise Men and some shepherds and animals.

 The French also loves baking Christmas Logs or Buche de Nol. It is usually served during the Christmas Eve Dinner or Le Reveillion together with other favorite French dish. The Christmas late night dinner for most French consists of ham, chicken, salads, fruits and wine. In the more traditional folks, some goose, oysters and pat de foie gras are also served during the Christmas Eve Feast.

On Christmas Eve, children would place their shoes in front of the fire place, with hopes that Pere Noel or the Child Jesus would give them fruits, nuts and lots of candies.

In some part ofNorthern France, December 6 is celebrated in honor of St. Nicholas.

During Christmas, Churches and Cathedrals make some re-enactment of the Nativity Story to let the people know especially the children the importance of Christmas.


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