German Christmas Traditions


Germany has lots of Christmas Traditions. In order to greet Germans a Merry Christmas you just have to say Fröhliche Weihnachten! Christmas traditions in Germany are more rooted in history and old traditions. Usually the Christmas celebration starts on the first Sunday of Advent. It is the time where Christmas treats such as Christmas cookies (Plätzchen) are baked and nut cracker figures (Nussknacker) are displayed.

Santa Clause is known as Sankt Nikolaus in Germany. A feast day for Saint Nicholas is celebrated in Germanyas well as in other parts of Europeevery December 6. Every year, children will clean their shoes and place them in front of their doors, wishing that Santa Clause would give them presents such as candies and nuts. The modern day Santa Clause is known in Germanyas der Weihnachtsmann or the Christmas Man, and was believed to be a direct descendant of Saint Nicholas.

Putting up a Christmas Tree is also a popular Christmas tradition in Germany. The Christmas tree is called Tannenbaum in German, where it is usually decorated by glass balls, Christmas lights, and an angel or a star on top. The Tannenbaum is usually taken down every January 6, the Feast of the Three Kings, and children are allowed to keep some sweets and goodies used as the Christmas tree’s decoration.

Staple in every German tables during Christmas are a variety of potato salad, apples, sausages, ham and cheese.

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