Light Up Your Christmas Trees | Hottest Decorating Tips


Get tips on the season’s hottest decorating tips for your Christmas tree!

The Christmas tree is considered as the focal point of a home’s holiday decorations, spruce up your tree with the hottest decors for the season.

First thing first, choose a tree that is best suited for your home and of course, your style. If real pine trees are available, find one that is a perfect size for your home. If a natural tree is not possible, the next choice is artificial tree which you can make yourself or buy one from the malls or specialized stores.

Check out the varied choices online and in the malls for trees. There are trees that is already adorned with holly and pinecone, so you only need to add a few more decors and string lights. For those who prefers the traditional Christmas look, go for a thick green pine.  You can also choose a frosted holiday tree for that extra oomph! Fiber optic trees are also hot and trending this season.

Christmas tree sizes could be from 6 feet to 9 feet, or even taller!

Light Up, Light Up!

Don’t forget the string lights! Buy a new one or take out the old ones from storage. There are different choices when it comes to string lights these days. Check further to find the ideal lights to use for your tree.

hottest trend christmas tree decors

Warm White lights – Warm white LED lights create a more traditional look, choose this if you want to give off a classic holiday vibe.

Pure White lights – If your theme for the Christmas tree this year is blue and white, then we highly recommend that you go for pure white string lights! These lights will further accentuate the wintry feel of these two colors.

Multicolor lights – Give off that fun, lively, and playful vibe to your holiday set-up, choose multicolor lights!

Large Bulbs – For retro theme set-up, you should check out large bulb lights. You can put these lights on the tree or use it to decorate your window sill or ceiling.

Warm White and Multicolor lights – Use warm or clear lights as your base and then for highlight, use colored lights. But don’t overdo, use colored lights sparingly for that warm, special, festive feel to your décor.


decorating christmas tree 2018


Reds and greens will never go out of style, and you can create a cozy and casual holiday living room with these classic hues.

If you want your classic tree set-up to stand out, add decors with shades of white and a bit of sparkle. Or you may opt to use Christmas balls with assorted prints and design, pine cones and glittered flowers, all these may also add texture to your tree for added texture.

Having throw pillows in Christmas theme covers are also recommended, use the same shade as in your tree décors, to tie up the whole design.

holiday decorations

What about your excess ornaments? Well, they don’t need to go to storage. Place these in a beautiful basket and display proudly under the Christmas tree.

Dress up for your tree and home this holiday season, let your creativity take flight!


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