Monito Monita Themes and Christmas Gift Ideas


Monito Monita Kris Kringle Philippines Gift Giving

One if the most popular and fun ideas of Christmas gift giving is the Monito Monita. Monito Monita or Kris Kringle is a fun way of gift giving among friends and family members where in you are responsible for giving gifts to your “ Monito” or “Monita” without him or her knowing.

The origin of this unique Christmas Tradition is unknown, but it is clearly a popular Filipino Christmas traditions, as well as among other countries such as in the United States, Singapore and in many European countries.

The mechanics of this Christmas tradition is simple. Monito Monita usually starts a few weeks before Christmas.You  just have to give a certain gift for your Monito or Monita, say in a weekly basis. For the first few weeks, a amount of gifts is usually at a minimal, say 50 pesos or below, or around 1 dollar. The last week of the Monito Monita is reserved for much grander gifts, in where most people working in offices are allotting around 500 pesos or roughly 12 dollars for the “Big Time” Monito Monita.

For the sake of being fair to all participants, certain themes are brought up for the weekly Monito Monita. Themes or “Something Something” not only make this game more exciting, it also allows people to be more creative while working within the limited budget.

Here are some Monito Monita Themes and Ideas brought to you by World Christmas Traditions.

Monito Monita Themes for Christmas

Monito Monita Something Colorful – ball pens, crayons, candy, Christmas decors

Monito Monita Something Sweet– candies, chocolates, sugar, apples, fruits, soda, jam

Monito Monita Something Salty– potato chips, salt, peanuts

Monito Monita Something Bitter– coffee, dark chocolate

Monito Monita Something Soft – cotton, tissue, marshmallow, hand towels

Monito Monita Something Hard – ball pen, pins, mugs, accessories, comb

Monito Monita Something Red– Christmas Balls, candy cane, Christmas Stockings

Monito Monita Something long– ruler, candy cane

Monito Monita Something Sticky– gummy bears, scotch tape, kutsinta, puto bumbong

The last week of Monito Monita is reserved for ‘more expensive’ gifts, this is the time when the mystery of your Monito or Monita will be revealed for he or she will personally approach you and hand you over the final Monito Monita gift.

Usually this happens during class or office Christmas Parties. Normally, there are no themes for this except for the minimum amount that you should spend for your exchange gift. Favorite Christmas gifts for office Christmas parties includes Parker ballpen with the name of receiver engraved on the body of the pen, neckties for men while scarves for women, perfume, chocolates, imported wine,  bath towels, bath soap, shampoo and other toiletries, toys for kids, music cd’s and movie DVD’s and others.

You  can come up with more unusual and unique Monito Monita Themes to make your Christmas Party more alive.

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