Popular Christmas Practices in Asian countries


Christmas is considered as one of the most popular Christian holidays that is widely celebrated in many countries all over the world.

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Christmas is an exciting and fun holiday with all the traditions and practices that come along with the date. These traditions and practices often vary depending on the country but one thing is consistent and that is the upholding of the traditions to make Christmas more meaningful.

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China only has 1 percent Christians in its entire population but Christmas is still a popular holiday in this country although it is only celebrated in major cities.

Just like other countries, Christian Chinese would also decorate their homes with the usual Christmas decors such as the sparkling and glittery Christmas lights, Christmas tree and some major shopping stores have their own version of Santa Claus which is called Shen Dan Lao Ren.

Christmas may not be widely celebrated in the rural parts of China but this holiday is now getting popular. In China, people would give out apples wrapped in colored paper during Christmas Eve and some people would even go caroling because of the popularity of the song, Jingle Bells.


India is known for their colorful religious festivals but since there are only less than 3% of Christians in their population, celebrating Christmas tends to be done low key. However, Christian Indians still celebrate Christmas with several traditions that are actually similar to other countries.

Going to midnight mass on the eve of Christmas is one of the highlights of the season wherein families would gather to hear mass. A feast featuring different delicacies and the giving of presents would usually follow after hearing mass. Instead of the traditional Christmas tree, Christian Indians would make use of a mango or banana tree and they would decorate it with any ornaments that they could find.


Since there are not a lot of Christians in Japan, Christmas is not widely celebrated in this part of the world. However, some Christmas customs and traditions are actually practiced in Japan that makes the Christmas season jolly and merry.

Christmas is not considered as a national holiday which makes it just a typical day for any Japanese but many people do celebrate Christmas Eve not for religious reasons but mainly to just spread happiness.

The Japanese people regard the Christmas Eve as a romantic celebration so it is a common occurrence to see couples having their Christmas meal in fancy restaurants. Fried chicken is the best choice of food for the Japanese during Christmas but they do include the traditional Christmas food which is sponge cake with whipped cream and strawberries.


The Christmas season is more popular in Taiwan than in mainland China even though there are not a lot of Christians in Taiwan. The practices and customs in Taiwan during Christmas are more influenced by the Western Culture so it is no wonder why Santa Claus is pretty popular in the country. Kids are also familiar with the popular Christmas songs and other customs such as the exchanging of gift and even performing in the school play or pageant.


Christmas is HUGE in the Philippines. Lots of traditions that family and friends follow from Simbang Gabi, Monito Monita, Parol, Belen, and more.

paskong pinoy belen


 What makes your country’s Christmas celebration unique? Share it with everyone! Spread the cheer!


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