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Monito Monita Themes and Christmas Gift Ideas

Monito Monita Kris Kringle Philippines Gift Giving
One if the most popular and fun ideas of Christmas gift giving is the Monito Monita. Monito Monita or Kris Kringle is a fun...

Monito Monita Gift Giving Tradition

Monito Monita Kris Kringle Philippines Gift Giving
Monito Monita is a popular Philippine Christmas tradition. It is gift giving with a twist. It is for both the young and the young at heart. More people associates this tradition with Kris Kringle, and in a way it is related because Kris Kringle or “ Christkndl” is the German word that when translated to English means “Christ Child”. “Kris Kringle” it’s also a popular name for Santa Claus. Santa Claus of course is known the world over as that happy guy in a red suit bringing gifts and

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