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Quezo de Bola For the Noche Buena

quezo de bola paskong pinoy
We cannot get enough of Quezo de Bola and are again featuring these delectable cheese that is one of the Pilipino christmas food favorites!
We Filipinos are generally not the wine drinking and cheese loving kind. That’s the reason westerners find it a little difficult to look for fine wine and cheese in ordinary groceries and supermarkets here in the Philippines. We are ok with the regular cheese or processed cheese food and quick melt cheese for our daily breakfast, sandwiches and pasta. But come December, all of this changes, for cheese is a

Quezo de Bola at Castanas!

Besides the christmas ham, puto bumbong and bibingka, two more pasko sa pilipinas staple foods are castanas and quezo de bola. That very famous ball of real edam cheese overflows in the grocery stores enticing Filipinos with its attractive and festive red color to come pick it up and to serve it with cut slices on the side or to wrap it up in a lumpia wrapper and deep

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