Top 10 Christmas Movies of All Time


Christmas is a time of celebration. It is also a time to spend the time with the whole family, in where many of our close relatives come home and share Christmas dinner with us or spend the afternoon in our living rooms and watch kids open their Christmas presents.

One of the most common Christmas traditions among families now a days is turning on the TV and DVD’s and watching their favorite Christmas movies together. It is a great time to spend Christmas with your loved ones. Here are some samples of great movies to watch this Christmas.

Top 10 Christmas Movies by World Christmas Traditions


  • A Christmas Carol

The story of the Christmas Carol was inspired by the short story by Charles Dickens. It is one of the most popular Christmas stories of all times and has been an inspiration to a lot of movies, Christmas plays and Christmas Carols.

  • A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story was first shown in 1983. It stars Melinda Dillon, Daren McGavin and was directed by Bob Clark. The movie was inspired by the some short stories written by Jean Shepherd.

  • Home Alone

Christmas is not complete without seeing time and time again the Home Alone movie. The movie stars a young Macaulay Culkin, and he portrays an 8 year old boy accidentally left behind at home by his family who took the winter break toFrance. The movie was directed by Chris Columbus and now is a Christmas Classic.

  • The Grinch

The Grinch is a movie starring Jim Carrey in the lead and was an adaptation of the classic novel of Dr. Seuss called “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

  • Love Actually

This is a great movie from the makers of “Notting Hill”. It tells the story of different people of all walks of life like a father and son, a man in love with his best friend’s wife, an old rock star and others.

  • Die Hard

For guys, this movie should rock your Christmas. This classic action film stars Bruce Willis. The story behind this movie is about a cop who wants to start again with his family but things got a little rough when a group of foreign terrorists spoils the Christmas party of his wife’s company.

  • Jingle all the Way

This is another film staring one of the biggest action stars today, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The story tells how a father struggles to get his boy the hottest toy for Christmas, Turbo Man. He has to compete with other fathers such as Ice Cube for limited stocks of the action figure, but ends up being Turbo Man himself as he rode a Christmas Float wearing a costume of Turbo Man as his son watches him from a distance.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween in Christmas? Only Tim Burton can think of these kinds of things. For more enjoyable viewing pleasure, look for the 3D release of this movie.

  • The Polar Express

Another popular animated 3D Christmas movie is the “Polar Express”. The main character was voiced by no other than Tom Hanks himself. The movie was based on the book The Polar Express written by Chris Van Allsburg.

  • It’s a Wonderful Life

This is a classic movie first shown in 1946. It is a film adaptation of the short story “The Greatest Gift” written by Philip Van Doren Stern. The movie shows how Christmas was celebrated after the World War II.

There are still a lot of great Christmas Movies that you should watch this Christmas Season.

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