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MONITO MONITA The Philippines’ version of Kris Kringle

Christmas is one of the most favored holidays in the Philippines! It's reputed the world's longest celebration too! Even if the Filipino is far from...

Popular Filipino Christmas Traditions – Pasko Sa Pilipinas!

Paskong Pinoy Christmas Traditions
The Philippines is considered as the only country in Asia which has a predominant Christian population which makes Christmas as one of the most...

Monito Monita Gift Giving Tradition

Monito Monita Kris Kringle Philippines Gift Giving
Monito Monita is a popular Philippine Christmas tradition. It is gift giving with a twist. It is for both the young and the young at heart. More people associates this tradition with Kris Kringle, and in a way it is related because Kris Kringle or “ Christkndl” is the German word that when translated to English means “Christ Child”. “Kris Kringle” it’s also a popular name for Santa Claus. Santa Claus of course is known the world over as that happy guy in a red suit bringing gifts and

Of Simbang Gabi and Rice Cakes

It is hard to get out of bed in the wee hours of the morning in December. That is why, if you want to complete one of Pinoy’s most loved and cherished Christmas tradition, the 9 novena mass of the Simbang Gabi, you’ll need the help of your barkada and friends to drop by your house and wake you up. A big portion of Simbang Gabi goers are young people, especially teen-agers. The morning air will be filled with their laughter while they go out in droves towards the nearest Church or Chapels.

Paskong Pinoy – Simbang Gabi!

simbang gabi christmas tradition paskong pinoy
Simbang Gabi or early morning mass enjoins all Catholic Filipinos to come and celebrate the novena mass at the break of dawn for 9 consecutive days to Christmas Day or Pasko.  From December 16 to Dec 24 the parish churches will be deck with beautiful lights and parol (Filipino traditional christmas lantern) welcoming all families, friends, and everyone who wants to celebrate the birth of Christ.
The 9th and last day of the novena is called Misa de Gallo or Midnight Mass and instead of holding the mass at dawn

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