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Top 10 Christmas Stories for Kids

Christmas is the time of joy and giving. It also is the time of inspiration. For centuries, Christmas has inspired hundreds of artists and writers...
Top Christmas Movies

Top 10 Christmas Movies of All Time

Christmas is a time of celebration. It is also a time to spend the time with the whole family, in where many of our...
complete list of names of santa's reindeers

Names of Santa Claus’ Reindeers

Santa Claus or St Nick is a very popular Christmas Character. He is believed to give out toys to children every Christmas. Many Christmas...

How to Greet “MERRY CHRISTMAS” in Different Languages around the World

Christmas is a world tradition. It is the one of the most Holy Traditions among Christians. But Christmas is celebrated even in on Christian countries, proving that Christmas is for every one. And greeting everyone a Merry Christmas is a must for every one for it is a well loved Christmas Tradition done in most countries around the world. Below is a list on how to greet people


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