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Paskong Pinoy

American guy and Filipina Found Love Through Shoebox Gift

LOVE IN A SHOEBOX: From Idaho to the Philippines A Christmas Love Story

Every one of us dream that one day we would end up with the love of our lives, don’t we? To find the one great love we are destined to have and hold. The person we will go home to everyday for the rest of our life. In as much as this is a fact of life, there are...

MONITO MONITA The Philippines’ version of Kris Kringle

Christmas is one of the most favored holidays in the Philippines! It's reputed the world's longest celebration too! Even if the Filipino is far from the family, even if there is no feast during Christmas Eve or Noche Buena, even if there are problems, tuloy na tuloy pa rin ang pasko! (Christmas will continue).  No matter the circumstance, ngayong Pasko...
Paskong Pinoy Christmas Traditions

Popular Filipino Christmas Traditions – Pasko Sa Pilipinas!

The Philippines is considered as the only country in Asia which has a predominant Christian population which makes Christmas as one of the most favorite holidays of the year. Filipinos are known to celebrate Christmas as soon as the “ber” months begin. The moment September kicks in, you’d expect to hear Christmas songs being played on the radio and Filipinos...
levi celerio popular christmas songs

Famous Filipino Christmas Songs by Levi Celerio

Levi Celerio is one of the best and unique  musicians from the Philippines. This Filipino National Artist for Music has written countless Tagalog songs which are now certified classics. He is also popular because of he can cajole a tune out of an ordinary leaf. Just give him a leaf and he can play it like a flute. He even...
Monito Monita Kris Kringle Philippines Gift Giving

Monito Monita Themes and Christmas Gift Ideas

One if the most popular and fun ideas of Christmas gift giving is the Monito Monita. Monito Monita or Kris Kringle is a fun way of gift giving among friends and family members where in you are responsible for giving gifts to your “ Monito” or “Monita” without him or her knowing. The origin of this unique Christmas Tradition is...