Christmas Traditions and Customs in England


The English has a long tradition of spending Christmas. The tradition of celebrating Christmas inEnglandstarted in 596 AD, when St. Augustine and his monks arrived in the shores of England.

The English people love to sing Christmas Carols during the season. They also love to decorate their Christmas Trees.

An old English Christmas tradition is the Mummering. It dates bake in the Middle Ages where people go to the streets and wears masks to do Christmas plays. It is usually played in town squares or the center of the village.

Instead of Santa Claus, it is Father Christmas who brings English kids their Christmas presents during the night of Christmas Eve. The following morning, children of all ages will wake eagerly wake up to check what’s inside their Christmas stockings.

In England, the Christmas Dinner is usually eaten at midday, where there is still daylight. Before the feast, English people only eat Frumenty, a porridge made of corn. In some places, the frumenty is flavored with meat, spices, eggs, and dried plums.

The traditional English Christmas dinner is highlighted by a roast turkey. For dessert, they serve English pudding with brandy sauce. The English also serves an assortment of pies and pastry.

Boxing Day is celebrated the day after Christmas. Here, little boys go out to the streets with their clay boxes to ask for money. Once the box is full, is opened by breaking it. It is a Christmas tradition that came from the practice of opening the alms boxes in churches and distributing it to the poor.


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