Top 10 Popular Pinoy Christmas Carols


Filipinos are very musical people and it is even more evident with the abundance of pinoy christmas carols thats starts airing in the radios as early as September. Malls would start decorating their stores with christmas decorations and starts putting up giant christmas trees to the delights of small children.

The following are Paskong Pinoy Top 10 Filipino Christmas Carols

  • Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit (..tayo ay mangagsi-awit..)
  • Christmas in Our Hearts (..whenever I see boys and girls…)
  • Pasko Na Naman (..o kay tulin ng araw)
  • Mano Po Ninong, Mano Po Ninang
  •  Simbang Gabi (..simula ng pasko..)
  • Kumukuti-kutitap (..bumu-bumu-busilak..)
  • Noche Buena ( bahay ng kuya may lechon lechonan pa…)
  • Sa May Bahay Ang Aming Bati (..merry christmas na mawualhati..)
  • Sa Paskong Darating (..santa claus nyo’y ako rin)
  • Pasko na Sinta Ko (..hanap-hanap kita..)

There are still countless of pinoy christmas songs that little children and event adults sings to their heart’s content as they go around the neighborhood houses caroling and wishing each household to have an abundant feast, a blissful holiday and a Merry Christmas!


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